Jira is an issue and project tracking software. With its powerful workflow capabilities, you can handle all your processes in a single tool : software development, HR or even marketing.

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    Our Jira consultants in France are certified and will assist you on any specific Jira request you may have:
  • Your development team needs support to get the most out of Jira?
    We can help and configure acces rights, workflows or agile boards.
  • You need a hand with installing Jira?
    We will share Atlassian best practices and deliver an instance ready to use.
  • You are considering different solutions for issue tracking?
    We can make a PoC to help you choose the solution that suits you best.
  • You have an outdated Jira instance?
    We can upgrade it to guarantee you have the latest and most up to date version available.
  • Your teams are using different tools?
    We can analyze your current setup and handle a migration to Jira.

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