Jira tips : How to prioritize your backlog in Jira Software ?

This article will show you 3 simple steps to manage your backlog in Jira.

Jira Software is the number 1 tool used by agile teams to plan, follow and deliver a development project. We’ll specifically target product owners and share 3 features that will help you manage your backlog inside Jira.


Print the backlog

Some estimation methods need to have every story represented by a card, for instance the Bucket system or the Magic estimation method. Instead of copying every story on a post-it note, print your Jira backlog :


Good to know : you can add up to 3 fields on the cards, creation date, reporter and component for example. This will help you work effectively with your team, as you’ll have all the necessary informations to prioritize.


Splitting a story

When a story becomes high priority, it needs to be even more precise and detailed. You’ll eventually see that the story is too complicated and needs to be split in to distinct stories. You can split a story directly in your Jira backlog :

  1. Right click on the Jira issue and select Split issue :

2. Fill the title and story points estimate for the two stories to create :


3. All done, your initial story Handle payment methods is now split in two stories Add a payment method and Remove a payment method :


Flag a story

The backlog is not a frozen list, it will regularly change. When you readjust your backlog priorities, you will sometimes need to draw your team’s attention on a story in particular. You can add an orange flag to your Jira issue with a right click :

Your team will then be able to identify quickly the story you flagged thanks to the highlight :
On your side, you can always list the flagged issues with this JQL query : Flagged is not EMPTY. You can discuss these stories during your next sprint planning.

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