Jira 7.13 and Confluence 6.13

What is an Enterprise release ?

Jira 7.13.1 received the Enterprise release label, meaning that this version and all 7.13 to follow (Jira 7.13.2 for example) will receive security updates critical bug fixes for 2 years, until November 2020. As a comparison, Jira 7.12 only had 4 releases over a 4 month period. For Confluence, the 6.13.3 version is labeled Enterprise.

An Enterprise release has the following benefits:

  • you get to stay on the same major version for a longer period of time, this means less changes to handle with your users (new features or interface updates)
  • less planing for Jira or Confluence upgrades during the year for your administrators team (there’s only a single Enterprise every year)
  • you know that you’ll get security fixes over a 2 year period, without having to upgrade to a major version

If you want to spend less time handling Jira or Confluence updates in your organization, we recommend the Enterprise relase !

What’s new for Jira 7.13.1 ?

The last Enterprise release was Jira 7.6 in November 2017, many new features are now available:

  • you can now manage Priority Schemes with the REST API
  • quick search will show results instantly
  • you can hide Completed Issues from the Kanban boards
  • you can use a wildcard in Version fields when searching
  • IPv6 is supported for MySQL
  • labels are now case-insensitive
  • you get information on who started or completed a sprint on Sprint Report and Burndown Charts
  • you can share Edit Rights with others for you Filters and Dashboards
  • you can easily move uncompleted issues directly into a new Sprint
  • OpenJDK is now officialy supported by Atlassian

Performance-wise, Jira 7.13 brings a lot of improvements on Dashboards and Backlog response time, as shown below:

jira 7.13

What’s new for Jira Service Desk 3.16.1 ?

Atlassian Service Desk tool is updated in its Enterprise version, 1 year after Jira Service Desk 3.9 and will be supported until November 2020. These are the main features in this new version:

  • Priority can now be set for every Project individually
  • it’s possible to include variables in Canned Responses, like the issue key or the reporter
  • Approvals can be automated, and can be accepted directly into the email received from Jira
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016 is now supported
  • SLAs can be set to dates

What’s new for Confluence 6.13.3 ?

The biggest news for Confluence is OpenJDK support and GRDP compliance. It’s now possible to delete a user personal information and anonymise some data (firstname, lastname). Many bugs have been fixed for PDF export from Confluence, and Tip or Status macro display has been improved.

Upgrading Jira et Confluence

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