Atlassian Summit 2019 announcements

Jira, Confluence, Trello, Bitbucket : what’s new ?

The 10th Atlassian Summit took place April 9th – 11th in Las Vegas. We’ll unveil all the new features to come for JiraConfluenceTrello and Bitbucket !


Server et Datacenter

Jira Service Desk is the number one solution for enterprises looking to set up ITSM processes. One of Jira Service Desk main components is the client portal: it represents your IT team and needs to make a good impression. Your clients need a simple and efficient experience to find the answers to their questions, in complete autonomy.

server et datacenter

Jira Service Desk version 4 will come with a brand new client portal:

  • Login window customization
  • New look and feel with a banner option and new layouts to match your enterprise
  • Responsive interface so that your clients can access the portal from a computer or a smartphone

Containing your instance data growth is a challenge. Until today, you had very limited options : only a full project could be archived, which could prove problematic for support projects for example, as they are not meant to be closed. With the new Jira Service Desk Datacenter, you can choose easily what issues to archive using JQL or the API without having to close the entire project.


The main Summit announcement for Cloud is the official support for 10 000 users per instance. At the moment it’s only available in beta, this confirms that the goal in the near future is to support unlimited users. Another big news : you can now rename your Cloud site ! You want to change you site URL from to ? No problem, Atlassian Support can handle it and soon you’ll be able to do it yourself. If you need to have a URL with your own domain instead of, it will also be available soon.

A new premium offer Cloud Premium has been unveiled by Atlassian:

  • 99.9% availability guaranteed
  • Storage capacity now unlimited instead of 250GB
  • Dedicated 24/7 support
  • Advanced features

You can try it now : Atlassian Cloud Premium

There are 2 new integrations that we particularly like:

  • Jira Service Desk can now be even more integrated with AWS : you can provision and see, live, your instance deployment status from the portal.
  • A new app to connect your Jira projects to Google Sheets. You can insert JQL in a cell, for example =jira("status != done", "issuekey, project, priority, assignee") to display a Jira issue list.


The new editor makes it easy to use Confluence Cloud for everyone in the company : it’s not anymore a tool only for technical teams but open to all thanks to a better interface.

New blueprints are also available to avoid the blank page syndrome. You can also easily make an existing page a reusable template.

Thanks to the Good Software acquisition, the Cloud Premium offer gives access to analytics and graphs to help you understand how your teams use Confluence.


The Map power-up allow you to add places on your maps and see them on Google Maps.


The mobile app has been greatly improved : one clic renaming, zoom or card move.


Server and Datacenter

Atlassian revealed the main new feature for Bitbucket Datacenter : smart mirror farms to get local mirror for your clusters, helping your teams work better anywhere in the world with improved performance.

The Server version will also get a new feature: the Jenkins connector. You won’t need an add-on anymore to integrated Bitbucket and Jenkins.


The Microsoft VSCode integration with Bitbucket Cloud helps developers stay focused on one interface instead of switching between different tools:

The informations in Bitbucket are now searchable in JQL, you can now for example build a Jira dashboard with these requests: Jira issues with a failed build : development[builds].faliing >= 1 ORDER BY updated DESC Jira issues recently deployed in production : deploymentEnvironmentType ~ production ORDER BY updated DESC

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