With the Jira 8 release, Atlassian worked on performance optimizations and internal changes, in particular on the search and indexing engine Lucene.

In the release notes, Atlassian gives the following metrics:

  • Reindexing time is 71% faster
  • Indexes file size is 48% smaller
  • JQL queries are 31% faster
  • Kanban boards and backlogs are displayed 2x as fast

Our tests are done on a Jira Software instance:

Items Amount of data
Projects 32
Issues 71 157
Custom fields 252
Jira Server Size
vCPU 4
Memory 4GB

Jira indexing engine performances

The indexing engine used in Jira is Lucene and it has been updated from version 3.3 to 7.3. This is a huge change since the 3.3 version was from 2011 ! With such a jump in time, we can expect a significant performance improvement. Does it hold up to our tests ? We had 3 use cases :

  • a locked reindex that will delete and recreate from scratch the index files. Jira is unavailable during this operation.
  • a background reindex that will refresh indexes while letting your users access Jira.
  • a JQL query.

The results confirm Jira 8 speed :

Action Jira 7 Jira 8 Gain Atlassian estimate
Locked reindex 2 994 s 1 883 s 37% 71%
Background reindex 1 862 s 619 s 66% 71%
JQL search 6,1 s 4,4 s 28% 31%
Indexes size 627MB 326MB 48% 48%

Jira boards and backlog performances

The Kanban and Scrum boards are up to 71% faster on Jira 8 according to Atlassian. Our test was done with a board having 61 762 issues :

Iteam Jira 7 Jira 8 Gain Atlassian estimate
Kanban board 12,48 s 6,87 s 45% 50%
Backlog 11,69 s 6,47 s 44,5% 50%


These tests show that Atlassian actually worked a lot on improving Jira 8 performances since a reindex is 30% to 60% faster with files 50% smaller too, and a board is displayed 45% faster than with Jira 7 ! We found overall the same performance gain in our testing than in Atlassian announcements.

The new version of Atlassian project management tool gives both administrators and users an improved experience in their daily use of Jira.

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